Stop Scrolling, Start Scaling Turns 1! Lessons Learned, How We’ve Monetized, + The Impact It’s Made On Our Business

In this episode, Emma celebrates the one-year anniversary of The Stop Scrolling, Start Scaling Podcast and reflects on her journey of podcasting! Emma shares lessons learned along the way and discusses the unexpected aspects of starting a podcast as a passion project. She also emphasizes the impact that podcasts had on her own entrepreneurial journey and encourages listeners who are considering starting a podcast. Tune in for an insightful and inspiring discussion on the joys and challenges of podcasting.

Listen in as we speak about:

  • Why you should view podcasting as a passion project
  • How to plan and prepare for success
  • Different ways podcasting can fuel business growth 
  • How podcasting can transform your business

Why you should view podcasting as a passion project

This podcast started as a passion project, with Emma revealing that it is still viewed that way to her. She was prepared to make no money from the show and even expected to lose money initially due to the cost of hiring a team. However, Emma saw it as a worthwhile investment to provide value and be inspired by something new. As the show launched, Emma initially wanted no involvement in the production process, preferring to focus on recording and step away. However, she soon realized the importance of being involved in all aspects of the podcast, including production. 

Podcasting is a passion project that allows creators to share their knowledge and connect with a broader audience. Emma highlights the importance of planning, adaptability, and the willingness to invest time and resources into creating valuable content. Emma’s personal experience showcases the unexpected impact and growth that can come from pursuing a passion project like podcasting.

How to plan and prepare for success

Emma initially struggled with launching the show due to a lack of clear vision for the content and how it would fit into her overall marketing strategy. This led to a messy first season and a feeling of being overwhelmed and directionless. However, Emma recognized the need for change and took a short break to regroup and reevaluate her approach. During this break, she took the time to map out the next few months’ episodes, booking interviews with guests in advance and outlining each episode’s topic and key points. This level of preparation brought more clarity and made the recording process much easier and more enjoyable. 

As the podcast gained momentum, Emma realized the value of podcast networking and being a guest on other people’s shows. She started pitching herself to be on other podcasts, viewing it as a job application process. This phase of reaching out and sending cold pitches reminded Emma of the early days of her business, and she even found joy in the process, even if she didn’t hear back from every pitch. Emma emphasizes the need for a clear vision, careful planning of content, and adaptability to learn and grow. 

Different ways podcasting can fuel business growth

Emma shares her experience of booking over 20 guest spots on other people’s shows in less than six months, which greatly fueled the growth of her business. Emma encourages listening to and learning from others to implement proven strategies to maximize the benefits of podcasting. By being a guest on someone else’s show, Emma was able to reach new entrepreneurs and business owners who she hadn’t previously been exposed to. This expanded her network and allowed her to build new relationships, which have since blossomed into valuable connections.

It can also provide you with new ideas and inspiration for your content on other platforms. The questions and conversations during interviews served as excellent jumping-off points for creating additional content. Podcasting also will help with your social media growth. By tapping into other audiences and sharing her Instagram handle, Emma saw an influx of new followers and engagement on their social media platforms. There’s power in cross-promotion and utilizing podcasting as a tool to drive traffic to other online channels. Podcasting also led Emma to adding new services to her business offerings. She launched a podcast management and production service, combining her expertise in social media marketing with podcasting to help other podcasters grow their show faster and increase downloads. 

How podcasting can transform your business

One of the key advantages of podcasting is its ability to connect business owners with new audiences. Unlike other platforms like Instagram or Pinterest, podcasting allows for long-form content that provides in-depth insights and information. This longer format enables entrepreneurs to share new content ideas and engage with their audience in a more meaningful way. By offering valuable content, businesses can attract and retain listeners, expanding their reach and increasing their brand exposure.

In addition to networking, podcasting can also generate inbound leads for businesses. Emma mentions how her podcast has led to inquiries about their social media management services, strategy intensive calls, and podcast production services. By showcasing your expertise and providing value to your audience, businesses can attract potential clients and generate leads for their other services. This demonstrates the monetization potential of podcasting beyond traditional sponsorships.

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