AI Is Taking Our Jobs?! …But Not Like You Think with Hera Zee

In this episode of the Stop Scrolling, Start Scaling Podcast, Emma welcomes guest Hera Zee to the show. Hera is a sales and marketing strategist for online entrepreneurs who want to structure their business for profit, sustainability + growth; minus the hype + fluff we’ve ALL seen on social media + grown tired of! Emma and Hera dive into the topic of AI, discussing its presence in everyday life, its value as it continues to develop, and how exactly it can help any business owner serve their customers better. Hera shares her expert point of view on whether AI will replace human jobs, or if she feels it is a tool to enhance human intelligence. Tune in to learn more about AI, how it can support you as a business owner, and new capabilities it offers that you may not yet be aware of. 

Listen in as we speak about:

  • Utilizing AI in your marketing, including chatbots
  • Giving AI the right prompts for optimized output
  • Adapting to AI today to set yourself up for future success

Utilizing AI in your marketing, including chatbots

Over the course of her career, Hera used chatbots long before they were popular. She explains that this was an early form of AI that she adapted and was able to see a large return from. She emphasizes AI tools and chatbots’ value in transforming marketing strategies for both her and her clients over the years. She highlights how AI has been present in our lives for years, before becoming a widely discussed topic as it is today in forms like Siri and Alexa we all easily adapted to and integrated into our everyday world.

Hera discusses how as humans, we can co-create with AI, sharing how these tools should work in partnership with us to create efficient and effective outcomes. Ultimately, she shares, you want to have your AI and chatbots create a human-like experience for your audience / consumer. In order to do this, proper prompts are needed when engaging with AI to achieve accurate outputs that need minimal edits.

Giving AI the right prompts for optimized output

As we adapt to AI, understanding the correct prompts to give it for optimal output can be the biggest challenge. If you don’t know what to ask for, you won’t get what you need. Referencing her course, AI Advantage, Hera shares her top tips on how to give Chat GPT the best prompts possible so you can receive content that captures your brand voice and needs minimal human edits. 

However, Hera stresses the point that human interaction will always be needed when using AI. She never recommends a simple copy/paste, but rather encourages listeners to give better prompts and make small edits where they see fit. She shares that within one chat, AI remembers the last 2000 to 3000 words, allowing it to reason based on the information provided. Knowing this, in order to make the most of AI, she advises users to converse with it as if it were a marketing or business strategist, asking it to provide insights and advice with the right prompts. By learning how to seed conversations effectively and co-create with AI, entrepreneurs can leverage its capabilities to enhance their own business growth. 

Adapting to AI today to set yourself up for future success

AI capabilities aren’t slowing down anytime soon, and Hera shares her visionary perspective on the future trajectory of AI. She predicts a world where AI will have a significant presence beyond the AI-driven assistants such as Siri and Alexa we interact with today. She shares that these advancements will revolutionize the way we interact with our environments, making everyday tasks more seamless and efficient. Her excitement for this vision comes from a desire we all have for increased convenience and productivity in daily life, which AI advancements will support us with.

To best prepare and adapt to this evolving landscape, Hera encourages a proactive approach. She advocates for embracing AI as a tool that complements human creativity and intelligence, rather than fearing it as a replacement for human led jobs today. Hera emphasizes the importance of transparency when using AI, ethical use of outputs, and co-creation when incorporating AI into business strategies. 

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