The 5 Proven Key Phases to Content Production

If you’re doing it right, content production should be simple but not easy, and what I mean by that is the process should look relatively the same every time – simple. Implementing this process is what takes a lot of time, work, and effort… which is where we come in! 

We’ve broken down content creation into 5 phases that are effective no matter which industry your brand is in – strategy, ideation, creation, publishing, and assessing data. This process is one we’ve spent years perfecting as a team and our clients see amazing results because of it. Let’s take a closer look at each phase! 


To best create a strategy, we speak with our clients at length about their goals for their social media marketing. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Increase sales/bookings? Grow your followers by tenfold? There may be several, but there are typically a few we work together to hone in on. Once we understand your goals, we can create a strategy to help you get there. This strategy will shape our approach to achieving these goals, which includes the type of content we make, how often we post, what engagement looks like, etc. With no strategy, creating content turns into a last-minute free for all… and rarely results in making progress.


Now comes the fun part! Once goals are created, our team is able to use their skills to begin brainstorming for our clients. In this phase we explore different themes, angles, formats to bring the content to life. What types of Reels can we create? How can we incorporate relevant trends/pop culture into the strategy? Which imagery will look best as a whole on the feed? Do we need to create graphics? These are all questions to consider before creating captivating content that will resonate with your target audience.


This is the heart of it all – where ideas and concepts take their shape! The creation phase is where visions will come to life, captions are written, hashtags are chosen… engaging and compelling content is in the works. To deliver the most impactful message, it’s important to perfectly marry your creativity and expertise, grabbing the viewers attention and leaving a lasting impression. 


Now it’s time to share your content with the world! This phase includes choosing which platform to share your work to that will best reach your target audience, scheduling + manually posting your content, and optimizing content for maximum visibility (ie: tagging creators on all platforms, changing CTAs to reflect the right platform, etc.) 

Assessing Data

While we always hope that our strategies are seamless, the data may reflect otherwise, which is why it’s important to be checking your numbers weekly and making changes you see fit. Maybe one type of post is largely outperforming others, maybe a certain type of Reel is generating more views, or maybe your audience was much less engaged this week than the week before. Studying these key metrics is crucial to making informed decisions about what type of content to create in the future, and continuing to drive results to help reach the goals set. 

We know this process can be lengthy, and if you’re a founder yourself, it’s extremely hard to do it all on your own. Take your time back and work with a team that is committed to producing results. Fill out THIS form and we’ll set up a time to chat!

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