Social Media Marketing Updates: October 2023

So many social media marketing updates – so little time to keep up! Lucky for you – we’re here to help. We’ve compiled our top 4 must-know updates for the month of October 2023! 

TikTok Billboard Top 50

If utilizing trending sounds is your go-to move, TikTok just made it even easier! The platform is partnering with Billboard to create its own top 50 music chart. The rankings will be determined by a combination of song uses, video views, and engagement of US users. We are especially excited about this because not only is there now a curated list of trending audio at your fingertips, but you’ll also know that these audios are favored by TikTok, giving you a better chance at seeing a higher reach!

Close Friends Feed Posts

Instagram’s Close Friends is a private list you create to share stories and notes with – and now Feed Posts! This update means you now have the option to post content to your feed for only your Close Friends to see – not those who silently follow 😬 This gives way to new opportunities for exclusive content from your favorite creators. 

Pinterest Collages

Say hello to interactive and shoppable mood boards! Pinterest’s once viral collaging app “Shuffles” has been transformed into a new in-app shopping experience. This feature allows users to leverage visual technology to cut out images and build interactive collages of their favorite products and other inspirational content.

Meta Multi Profiles

Meta has now launched its new multi-profile option, which will allow users to create multiple Facebook profiles to explore different interests. Users can share different content with different audiences to help them feel more comfortable sharing about specific topics with like minded creators.

Which of these are you the most excited about? We’re really looking forward to using number 2!

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