The Rules on Engagement (Social Media Edition)

Building a successful social media strategy includes more than growing your followers at a rapid rate. The goal is to have engaged followers, and today we’re going to break down why engagement is such a critical component of a holistic social media approach. 

First – what do we mean when we say engagement? It’s turned into an elusive word; both extremely niche to the social media world, and can be defined in a few different ways. Here is our definition: 

Engagement is a measure of how people are interacting with your content. 

Likes, comments, shares, clicks, saves, and mentions are each ways your audience engages with your content, ideally a few at a time! 

We want to measure engagement for a few reasons, the main one being that if your posts are seeing a high amount of engagement, this is a key indicator that your customers have a strong relationship with your brand. This results in more opportunities to build brand loyalty, increase referrals, and most importantly, increase sales! Additionally, you can analyze engagement analytics to better tailor your content to what your audience so obviously wants to see. 

So, how do you increase engagement? It’s simple – be social and authentic. To be engaging, you have to actually socialize, which means interacting with the people around you. When doing so, keep an authentic voice, which humanizes your brand, and encourages others to respond positively! 

Another aspect of engagement that is crucial to our success is our 100% Engagement Method – where we spend time in each client’s account every day doing inbound and outbound engagement! Inbound engagement simply means interacting with those on your page, whether that be saying hello to new followers, responding to all DMs you receive, and/or replying to any comments left on your posts. Outbound engagement is a sure way to skyrocket your brand visibility & brand awareness! Using hashtags or the explore page, you’ll find content posted by your target audience that is relevant to your brand and you can leave a genuine, authentic comments. By doing so, your brand is now seen on new accounts every day by both the original poster and others who are commenting! 

Using outbound engagement is a great way to tap into other accounts’ audiences, and will encourage other users to engage with your posts as well! 

We encourage you to create engaging content, as well as spending time on each platform, leaving kind and encouraging messages on other content, either alike or in industry-adjacent markets! 

We’ve found that creating content that is personal, humorous, controversial, or all of the above is a great way to have users really look at your content, share it with others, leave a comment, and be coming back for more the next day! 

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