Graphic that says "Social Media Marketing Updates"
Graphic that says "Social Media Marketing Updates"

Social Media Marketing Updates: November 2023

A new month brings new social media marketing updates! This is one of our favorite topics to share with you because it allows you to stay in the know, and be ahead of the game when it comes to your brand’s business & marketing. This month is especially important because Black Friday is only a few weeks away, and there may be a few updates you want to integrate into your strategy! Let’s take a look! 

Nearby Stories Feed

If you are targeting a local audience, this one is for you! Instagram is currently rolling out tests of the “nearby” feed that highlights Story content from users and businesses in your vicinity. This will be especially beneficial for those who have a brick and mortar shop location, and brands who extend a service that can only be done locally. We love to see a new method to build targeted brand recognition! 

More Visible Threads Posts

Is your company on Threads? If so, your posts could now be shown to your Instagram and Facebook connections as part of Meta’s cross promotions of the app (as opposed to only being seen by your followers inside the Threads app). This is great because it gives your content another opportunity to be seen, especially by those who aren’t active on their Threads app or never signed up to begin with!

LinkedIn Profile Verification

LinkedIn is updating their profile verification process to enable more users to confirm their identity. 

Once confirmed, a badge will be added to your profile which adds an extra level of credibility to your personal or business page for users connecting with you on this platform!

Expanded Broadcast Channels

If you’ve not seen any broadcast channels yet, they are a pretty cool addition that allow you to be in a “group message” with your favorite creators. (I use the term “group message” loosely – only the creator of the channel can message!) BUT, a community is then created between the owner and the subscribers to the group where they can share updates, behind the scenes looks, etc.

After seeing success with broadcast channels on Instagram, Meta is now expanding the feature to Facebook and Messenger. This update provides new ways for creators to share with their audience on the platform that is most preferable to them!

We are SO excited for number one! Which are you most looking forward to using? Let us know in the comments! 

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