Marketing Strategies That Are Converting For Our Clients *Right Now* – with Team 95’s Social Media Department

In this episode, Emma welcomes Ninety Five Media’s Social Media Team – Paris, Carley, and Hayden – as they discuss successful social media marketing strategies they’ve recently implemented for our clients. From understanding your audience’s preferences and needs to delving into the depths of analytics and harnessing the power of storytelling and relatability, this episode covers crucial aspects of effective social media strategies. In a landscape where competition for online attention is fierce, success isn’t a matter of luck but a result of deliberate, well-informed choices. If you’re someone who is looking to grow your brand using the power of social media, tune in to start crafting more tailored, data-driven, and emotionally resonant content that will elevate your presence in the online space.

Listen in as we speak about:

  • Understanding Your Audience: A Key to Success
  • Decoding Social Media Analytics
  • The Power of Storytelling and Relatability

And much, much, more!

Understanding Your Audience: A Key to Success

Understanding your audience plays a critical role in creating engaging content. Paris shares the power of researching your audience. By conducting a deep dive into an influencer’s target audience, Paris managed to achieve a massive 962% increase in video views for a client.

This achievement highlights the importance of crafting content tailored to the specific preferences and needs of your audience. In the era of personalization, generic content simply doesn’t cut it. Paris’ experience teaches us that success on social media lies in getting to know your followers, recognizing their pain points, and delivering content that resonates with them. 

Decoding Social Media Analytics

Carley delves into the intricacies of analytics and their role in social media success. She highlights the importance of thoroughly analyzing top-performing content to uncover the secrets to their success. Carley’s advice is clear: don’t just look at the numbers, understand the story they’re telling. To gain this insight, she advises breaking down analytics on the granular level, looking at not only likes and shares but also the comments and conversations surrounding the content. 

This approach can help you unearth valuable information about what works and what doesn’t for your audience. Carley also advocates for the importance of asking clients why they need specific content. This communication is critical to ensuring that your social media strategy aligns with your client’s objectives and audience expectations. In a world where data rules, Carley reminds us that it’s not just about the numbers, but about the context and meaning behind them. Successful social media marketers understand the difference between quantitative and qualitative aspects of analytics.

The Power of Storytelling and Relatability

Hayden highlights the importance of storytelling and relatability in social media marketing. In an age where authenticity and personal connection are highly valued, Hayden’s insights hit the bullseye. She emphasizes the significance of showcasing the heart and experience behind a brand. 

By creating content that tells the brand’s story and reflects the values it holds dear, social media professionals can forge a deeper connection with their audience. This connection, Hayden points out, is what can ultimately drive sales and brand loyalty. In essence, it’s not just about what you’re selling, but the story behind it. When your audience can relate to your brand’s journey and values, they’re more likely to become loyal customers and advocates.

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