Get the MOST Out of Your Holiday Gift Guide With These Tips!

The holiday season is a golden opportunity for your business to stand out from the rest with a thoughtful and useful gift guide. This season, more than ever it seems, there are so many gift guides being pushed every day – and for good reason. I know I enjoy looking at what other people are buying, whether I need gift ideas for myself or a loved one! While creating these guides is a crucial step, the ultimate goal is to convert interest into sales. If you want to increase your gift guide’s visibility + convert followers to consumers, consider posting the 5 types of content below! 

Blog Post

Consumers are on the hunt for gift ideas during this time of year, so utilizing your Gift Guide content in a blog post could help you boost your SEO! When someone searches “gift guide”, specifically for a particular kind of person or niche, this will help your website show up higher in the results and drive more revenue in both direct sales and affiliate links. 

Pinterest Pins

Pinterest sees its highest number of pins in Q4 for a good reason, as it’s a visually appealing platform that makes searching easy! This is especially true when the consumer has a specific gift idea in mind. Create pins that are eye-catching and link to your Gift Guide to drive traffic from a new audience.

Instagram Reels

Reels are the perfect way to walk consumers through your Gift Guide, explaining the benefits of products, why you love them, when to use them, etc. Users are more likely to watch longer form video content on Instagram if the video concept captures their attention, so use this to your advantage!

Instagram Carousel

Carousels are a great way to repurpose your Gift Guide on your Instagram account. Feature a specific gift or a themed group of gifts on each slide and go into some detail about why you chose them. This is a great way to share more info that your followers want to know (just like this post!).

TikTok Videos

Because most consumers prefer short-form video content on TikTok, try splitting up your Gift Guide into multiple videos! Feature one or two items (or different themes) per video, creating a series that keeps users coming back to your profile to learn more with each new video drop.

Using one or more of these tricks will surely boost visibility on the gift guides you create, and will likely reach new users in the process. A win-win! 

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