3 Things I Learned After 3 Years of Full Time Entrepreneurship

In this episode Emma reflects on her journey of leaving her dream corporate job in New York City to pursue full-time entrepreneurship with Ninety Five Media. As she celebrates three years since making that pivotal decision, Emma shares insights and lessons learned along the way. In this episode, you will learn three key lessons and an essential bonus tip that can offer valuable guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Listen in as we speak about:

  • The Decision to Leave Corporate 
  • Flexibility in Planning
  • The Ever-Evolving Role of a Founder
  • Being a Forever Student
  • Scaling a Business

And much, much, more!

The Decision to Leave Corporate

Emma’s background in interior design led her to secure her dream job in New York City before graduating college. Despite achieving what she had planned for herself, she felt a need for something more. The idea of working in social media came to her and she began to envision a different path for herself. Emma’s turning point came in 2020 when she felt the pandemic’s impact on the interior design industry, and recognized the growing importance of social media marketing. It was this realization that pushed her to take the leap into full-time entrepreneurship.

Flexibility in Planning

The first lesson Emma shares is the importance of planning while maintaining flexibility. Despite being a meticulous planner, Emma initially hesitated to set specific goals for Ninety Five Media due to a fear of failure. Over time, she learned that setting goals provides guidance, a path to follow, and a vision to share with your team. The key, she emphasizes, is to be nimble and adapt when things don’t go as planned.

The Ever-Evolving Role of a Founder

Emma highlights the dynamic nature of the role of a founder which evolves significantly over time. From being an executor of tasks to transitioning into a leadership role, the founder must constantly adapt and grow. Emma recommends seeking guidance from mentors and investing in experiences to understand the requirements of leadership at each stage of growth.

Being a Forever Student

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, it is crucial to constantly educate yourself. She shares her preferred methods of learning, including listening to podcasts and audiobooks, as well as attending conferences. Being open to new information and consistently seeking ways to improve processes and the company’s efficiency is crucial for sustained growth.

Scaling a Business

Emma’s final lesson is a crucial one – acknowledging that as a founder, it is impossible to do everything alone. Trusting others with tasks, delegating responsibilities, and building a capable team are essential steps in scaling a business. Emma encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to recognize their limitations and embrace the rewarding experience of seeing a team take ownership of their work.

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