Owning Your 2024 Goals: Using Client Insight and Team Dynamics for Success PLUS How We Are Goal Setting At Ninety Five Media This Year

In this episode Emma guides you through goal setting for 2024. She emphasizes the importance of reflection, refining service offerings, financial analysis of services, and the critical role of team dynamics in goal-setting. This episode provides a comprehensive roadmap for businesses, offering actionable insights to navigate the complexities of goal-setting, client engagement, service optimization, and team growth.

Listen in as we speak about:

  • 2023 Reflections
  • Client Feedback and Relationship Building
  • Auditing Your Services
  • Team Dynamics and Growth 

And much, much, more!

2023 Reflections

Emma begins by emphasizing the importance of looking back at the previous year. Drawing from her own experience, she acknowledges the challenges of setting goals in the early years of business when data is limited. She encourages entrepreneurs at any stage to engage in this process, highlighting the significance of learning and adjusting throughout the year.

One key aspect of reflection is analyzing sales calls and, specifically, the notes from calls that didn’t convert. By understanding objections and unmet needs, businesses can refine their offerings and enhance their value proposition, ultimately leading to increased sales and client retention.

Client Feedback and Relationship Building

Emma dives into the critical role of client feedback, emphasizing the need to understand what clients love most about past collaborations. She  advocates for continuous improvement, sharing how Ninety Five Media revamped their systems to capture and amplify their clients’ brand voices more effectively.

Address why clients didn’t renew contracts, offering a comprehensive approach to understanding and mitigating issues that may lead to client attrition. By collecting and analyzing this data, businesses can identify trends and proactively address challenges, contributing to increased client satisfaction and retention.

Auditing Your Services

Emma recommends annually auditing your services, similar to evaluating products for a product-based brand. She advises businesses to assess revenue-generating services, discontinuing those that no longer align with their goals and exploring new offerings based on market demand. Financial analysis becomes crucial at this point, with Emma emphasizing the need to consistently evaluate profit margins. By closely examining time spent on services and associated costs, you can refine your service offerings, ensuring financial viability and sustained growth.

Team Dynamics and Growth

Emma emphasizes the pivotal role of a business’ team in goal-setting. She shares her experiences with high turnover and how intentional changes to the hiring and onboarding processes led to a significant reduction in turnover at Ninety Five Media. She encourages you to seek feedback from your  team, helping foster an environment of collaboration and growth.

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