Social Media Marketing Updates January 2024
Social Media Marketing Updates January 2024

Social Media Marketing Updates: January 2024

It’s the start of a new year and already we’ve seen exciting social media marketing updates from several different platforms! We love bringing these posts to you every month, not just because it’s new and we want to keep you in the know, but because we know these updates can be extremely beneficial when marketing a brand on social media! Let’s take a look. 

Instagram “Add Yours” Templates

This new feature is a game changer! Whether it’s a collaborative challenge, a fun poll, or a creative contest, “Add Yours” templates spark interactive conversations that will help build a  stronger connection between brands and their audience. Tap into this trend to unlock new avenues for audience interaction and content co-creation!

BeReal Engagement

New research shows that BeReal is far from extinct in the social media world, especially if you’re looking to reach a Gen-Z audience! New features in the app include video posts, group chats, and photo replies, making it an optimal time to start driving new engagement in the app. If you cater to a younger audience, you can humanize your brand on BeReal, making it relatable and trustworthy in the eyes of your audience.

TikTok Desktop Tools

TikTok’s meteoric rise will surely continue in 2024, so it’s time to get on the platform if you’re not already! Recently TikTok launched a series of updates that allow creators to maximize their performance on the app. The Creator UI now features additional insights and creative ideas that can be accessed from both mobile and desktop devices to help users manage their performance wherever they’re working from! 

CapCut Short-Form Video Editing

If you have any presence on social media, there’s no doubt you’ve adopted a favorite video editing app! One of the leading video editing apps, CapCut, has now released new features which make it easier for users to cut long-form videos into short-form clips. 

These short-form features are in response to the growing demand for this type of video content on all social media platforms. 

Now is a great time to level up your presence on social media. If you have little time to keep up with all the trends as the owner of your business, we’d love to help. CLICK HERE to work with us! 

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