CEO Mixers Aren’t Cutting It Anymore: The Evolution of Networking and Community with Amanda Smith

In this episode, we are joined by Amanda Smith, the CEO of Dallas Girl Gang. Formally a teacher, Amanda unintentionally founded a global community for women connecting in business, career, and life. Amanda shares the significance of community in her life and as a business model, emphasizing authentic connections. This episode touches on in-person events, 2024 event trends, and securing brand partnerships through research and networking. Amanda shares insights into entrepreneurship and tips for approaching networking events with confidence. Listen in for valuable insights on community building, entrepreneurship, and the evolving landscape of events and brand partnerships.

Listen in as we speak about:

  • From Teaching to Entrepreneurship
  • Building Community Beyond Buzzwords
  • Relationships that Define Success
  • Overcoming Intimidation in Networking

And much, much, more!

From Teaching to Entrepreneurship

Amanda begins her story by revealing that her venture into entrepreneurship was unintentional. A full-time teacher immersed in the world of music education, she found herself back in her hometown, seeking connections. Fueled by the desire for authentic friendships, she initiated the Dallas Girl Gang Facebook group in 2017. Little did she anticipate that this casual start would evolve into a thriving community and, eventually, a business.

As Amanda navigated the early years of building Dallas Girl Gang, she found herself juggling the demands of entrepreneurship with a full-time teaching job. Her advice for those in a similar side-hustle predicament is rooted in financial prudence and strategic planning. She emphasizes the importance of saving a substantial amount before considering a full-time entrepreneurial leap. Additionally, Amanda urges aspiring entrepreneurs to evaluate their business models, seek mentorship, and envision the long-term sustainability of their endeavors.

Building Community Beyond Buzzwords

At the core of Dallas Girl Gang’s success is the emphasis on community. Amanda articulates her definition of community as a network of individuals who provide genuine support, aligning with the values of the brand. She advocates for fostering connections beyond the digital realm, particularly in an era where social dynamics are undergoing transformation post-pandemic.

Dallas Girl Gang’s in-person events play a pivotal role in shaping its identity. Amanda reminisces about the first informal brunch that laid the foundation for these events, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and spontaneity. Looking ahead to 2024, Amanda predicts a trend toward hybrid events and heightened intentionality in event planning, with a focus on fostering genuine connections.

Relationships that Define Success

Networking emerges as the backbone of Amanda’s entrepreneurial journey. While she acknowledges its vital role in establishing Dallas Girl Gang, she also reflects on the need for balance. The relentless pursuit of networking opportunities had its toll on her personal life, prompting a reassessment of priorities. As Amanda shares insights into effective networking, she underscores the importance of research, identifying objectives, and understanding the dynamics of the industry.

Overcoming Intimidation in Networking

For those intimidated by networking events, Amanda offers practical tips rooted in her own experiences. She empathizes with individuals who find such situations challenging, having navigated her own introverted tendencies. Her advice includes understanding the diverse spectrum of introversion and extroversion, recognizing individual comfort zones, and acknowledging that successful networking doesn’t always necessitate constant physical presence.

In essence, this episode provides a range of entrepreneurial wisdom, community building, and the art of collaboration. Amanda’s journey, encapsulated in this transcript, serves as a guiding beacon for those navigating the intricate terrain of entrepreneurship and community engagement. As we step into 2024, the lessons derived from Amanda’s experiences offer a compass for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to create meaningful connections and foster vibrant communities in an ever-evolving landscape.

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