Transforming a Wine Company’s Social Media Presence

When creating content for your company, it takes more than just getting a haphazard post up every day, just for the sake of posting. It takes the right strategy featuring the right content that your audience wants to see from you. Prior to working with us, this wine company’s content was outdated and rarely brought any business to their company. After working with this client for over 2 years, we were able to transform their social media presence by finding new ways to speak to their brand that performs and converts for them. We immediately introduced a new strategy that spoke directly to their audience that in turn produced more sales! Let’s take a look.

Product Showcase

One aspect we focus on is obviously showcasing the wine they have available for purchase! This client frequently sends our team their new product, and we then create product-focused content in-house; each post highlighting a unique aspect of the wine and what consumers can expect when they purchase. Whether it’s a new Sparkling Wine or a Blanc de Noir, their followers are always interested in what’s new at the vineyard.

Vineyard Tour

To deepen the connection between this brand and their followers, we introduced vineyard tour videos. Through clips given to us by our client, we provide a behind-the-scenes look at their space, capturing the essence of their vineyard in a fun + upbeat way. These types of posts give users a sense of FOMO; wishing they could be there instead of wherever they are. 

Trending Content

Content on Instagram has really evolved this past year to feature more casual, less polished video content. Users now connect more with brands they relate to, and one way to nail this with your audience is by introducing humor into your content when you can! We’ve done this by filming UGC-style content that infuses humor into the products, which increases brand relatability. (A bonus for this brand is that everyone loves to connect over wine-related humor!)

Before + After

When we began our partnership with this brand, it was important to them that their feed more accurately reflected their brand colors and have a cohesive aesthetic. The “before” features random posts, inconsistent themes, and a lack of engaging content that left their profile feeling disconnected from their followers. We are now able to use each of the content types above to create a more memorable brand experience. 

When you work with a digital marketing team, all the guesswork you’ve previously had is handled. If you’re ready to get some of your time back and hand off your social media marketing this year, CLICK HERE to book a call today! 

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