Is Your Social Media Marketing Really Working? Understanding Metrics, Strategies, and Seeing an ROI

In this episode,  Emma navigates the intricacies of social media marketing ROI. She emphasizes personalized goal-setting, introducing metrics like Reach and Engagement. This episode challenges the expectation of instant results, urging patience in the organic media process. Emma shares how to troubleshoot strategies, advocating for a data-driven approach and transparent communication within teams. Overall, her insights offer a concise roadmap for businesses aiming to measure and enhance their social media impact.

Listen in as we speak about:

  • The Foundation of ROI
  • The 3 Critical Social Media Metrics
  • Realities of Social Media Marketing 
  • Troubleshooting When Results Are Not As Expected

And much, much, more!

The Foundation of ROI

Emma stresses the importance of setting clear goals before diving into any marketing initiative. Without well-defined objectives, measuring success becomes a daunting task. She emphasizes that your goals act as the guiding posts, steering your efforts in the right direction. Whether it’s brand awareness, engagement, or website clicks, knowing your goals is the first step towards a meaningful ROI.

The 3 Critical Social Media Metrics 

Once goals are set, Emma highlights three critical metrics to gauge social media marketing ROI: Reach, Engagement, and External Website Taps. Reach represents the number of accounts that saw your content, indicating the extent of your online presence. Engagement measures the interaction and interest of your audience, influencing the algorithm to push your content further. External Website Taps, the ultimate goal, occur when users are sufficiently engaged to explore your website, potentially leading to conversions.

Realities of Social Media Marketing

Emma confronts the common misconception that results should be immediate. She underlines the need for patience, especially with organic media, stating that clients typically witness results within the first 90 days. However, she advocates for a realistic approach, understanding that various factors, including prior account activity, impact the timeline.

Troubleshooting: When Results Are Not as Expected

In case the expected results aren’t materializing, Emma suggests introspection. Were the initial goals realistic? Is your marketing strategy data-driven, or are personal preferences dictating the approach? Additionally, she encourages open communication with the marketing team and a holistic view of your overall marketing efforts beyond social media.

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