How to Pitch Yourself as a Podcast Guest

If you’ve ever had the desire to be a guest on someone else’s podcast but have been unsure of how to make that happen, this one is for you! Our founder Emma was a guest on 36 different podcast shows in 2023, and we largely attribute that success to the pitches we send! Nailing down your pitch can be tricky. If you make it too long, the reader won’t finish reading. Make it too short, you come off as uninterested, and run the risk of not being invited on the show because the host doesn’t know enough about you! 

If 2024 is your year of gaining visibility through podcasting, keep reading to see our 4 top tips for writing your pitch. 

Your Intro

Your podcast pitch should begin with a powerful introduction, making the host and audience interested in you and what you bring to the table. This introduction should include who you are, what you do, and who you serve. This paragraph should be succinct, capping out at 2-3 sentences at most. 


Why, out of all the applications, should this host have you on the show? Now is your time to brag! Don’t be shy to share your success and expertise in this section. Clearly articulate how your unique experiences, skills, or insights can benefit the podcast’s audience. Whether it’s industry expertise, a fresh perspective, or a success story, emphasize why your presence will enhance the overall listening experience. 

Bonus: if you have a certain show in mind, do your research about their audience. Who are they, what are they looking for, and why do they tune into the podcast each week? This will help you tailor your message for each show. 

Select 3 Topics that You Could Speak On

Provide the host with a glimpse of what you can offer by presenting three engaging topics you’re prepared to discuss. Again, by researching before the pitch, you’ll be able to tailor these topics with the podcast’s theme and audience. Be specific and outline key points for each topic, demonstrating your ability to provide valuable and actionable insights. This also helps the host visualize the episode should you be chosen! To take it one step further, bullet out the take-aways the host’s audience would walk away with after tuning into your episode!

Show Your Style

Podcasts thrive on authenticity, so it’s crucial to convey your personality in the pitch. This pitch should be professional, but it should also give a glimpse into who you are as a communicator.  If you’ve done any speaking engagements in the past, this is a great time to include those links so the host can see what it would be like having you on their show. Link to a previous podcast episode you’ve been on, a Reel you filmed talking to the camera, or a short audio bite you recorded just for this email pitch! This will help the host make sure that your styles align.

Crafting the perfect pitch is truly an art, and might take some trial and error to see which style gets you the most bookings. 
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