Organic vs Paid Media: What They Are, Where to Start, and What You Need at Each Stage of Business

In this episode, Emma explores the ongoing debate between organic and paid media in today’s digital marketing landscape. Advocating for the foundational strength of organic marketing, Emma touches on its authenticity and brand reflection. She shares crucial warnings for those considering paid ads, highlighting the perpetual commitment and the need for incremental budget increases to sustain favorable analytics. With a strategic approach delineating phases for success in both organic and paid media, Emma encourages you to consider which avenue you want to take for optimal results in 2024 and beyond.

Listen in as we speak about:

  • Organic vs. Paid Media
  • The Pitfalls of Paid Ads
  • Strategically Approaching Organic and Paid Media
  • Looking Ahead to Success

And much, much, more!

Organic vs. Paid Media

Organic media encompasses marketing efforts without financial backing. Investing time and effort into organic content is crucial as it forms the bedrock of your brand. Whether discovered organically or through paid ads, your audience always returns to this authentic content reflecting your brand values. For those with limited funds, starting with organic marketing is a prudent choice before venturing into the realm of paid ads.

Paid media, on the other hand, involves putting monetary resources behind your content. Whether it’s Meta ads on Facebook and Instagram or Google and LinkedIn ads, the investment ensures your content reaches a specific audience. However, two crucial warnings accompany this strategy – the commitment to consistent spending and the need for incremental budget increases every few months.

The Pitfalls of Paid Ads

Emma first warns of the perpetual commitment required when venturing into paid ads. Initiating an ad spend on platforms like Meta sets a precedent, making it crucial to maintain spending levels. A reduction in ad spend can result in diminished organic reach and analytics, creating a cycle where sustained spending becomes imperative for visibility.

Secondly, brands should be cautioned about the need for incremental budget increases every four to six months. Despite initial success, analytics may plateau after a few months, prompting platforms to encourage higher ad spend. Planning for these incremental increases in the annual marketing budget ensures strategic financial management, prevents surprises and allows brands to navigate the nuanced landscape of paid advertising with foresight and agility.

Strategically Approaching Organic and Paid Media

When it comes to initiating organic media, the key lies in goal-setting, platform selection, and content frequency. Executing content, engaging with the community, and investing in quality form the second phase, while assessing data and considering team expansion define the third.

Paid media involves determining platforms, setting initial budgets, and planning for future expansions in phase one. Creating assets, running ads, and setting parameters follow in phase two, while assessing results and considering budget increases occur in phase three.

Looking Ahead to Success

Understanding the stages and intricacies of both organic and paid media is vital for long-term success. Brands often underestimate the importance of such knowledge, but being well-informed ensures better results and a higher return on investment.

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