Leveraging AI in Marketing

Leveraging AI in marketing should be at the top of everyone’s priority list this year. Every day there are new platforms emerging, from chatbots to image generators. Like it or not, we don’t foresee artificial intelligence going anywhere, so it’s time to start looking into how it can work for you in 2024! 

How AI is Transforming Marketing

There are a million avenues you could take when utilizing AI technologies, such as ChatGPT for example. One advantage we’ve seen in the past (and will only grow as time goes on) is using AI to create highly personalized and targeted campaigns. With a few prompts, you could have your ideal client’s wants + needs, pain points, and more spelled out, followed by a detailed plan for how to execute your next launch with those people in mind. The capabilities of these chatbots are nearly limitless. The trick is maximizing its output by using direct and detailed prompts.

Writing Effective Prompts for ChatGPT

When writing prompts for a chatbot like ChatGPT, there are a few things to keep in mind to see great results. First: provide background details. This could be your job title, your company, target audience, demographic, etc. All of these will help your chatbot get to know your brand and in turn create content that aligns with the brand. Next: give reference material. This could include company history, company values, social change you support, etc. Next: give your desired result. What do you want to come from this? Client conversion? A change of hearts and mind? What are the expectations? This third item should give your chatbot something to focus on when creating the content. Last: set parameters. Is there a certain length you had in mind? Words you want to include or avoid? A certain tone to include? When combined, these 4 steps will help your chatbot give you the best result for whatever it is you are creating. 

Adjust as You See Fit

Though it’s a great tool to use, no one knows your brand like you do… not even artificial intelligence. Many times, the results you are given are close, but not quite exactly what you were looking for. That’s okay! The great thing about it is that it’s able to give you such a wide variety of results; of which you can then pick and choose what makes sense for your company, and what doesn’t fit. If you end up only using AI as a way to generate ideas, you’re still WAY ahead of the curve! 

Technology advancements will only continue to emerge, and we expect each of the current platforms to expand, as well as see new platforms become popular this year as well. 

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