Building a Strong and Engaged Community on Social Media

Building a strong and engaged community on social media is a crucial component of brand success. A loyal and active following can amplify your message, drive growth, and ultimately result in more sales. We asked our team of experts to give their best tips for creating a community within their followers on social media, and each gave some fantastic points that you can begin implementing today! 

Here’s what they said: 


“I love sharing UGC! This is not only great content to share with the audience, but it promotes community interaction with likes, comments, and more engagement. It also encourages users to create their own UGC for us to share which builds community and encourages use of their product. This also gives the brand great direct credibility.”


“One strategy I’ve seen work in building a community online is by hosting weekly Q+As with followers. On the same day every week, brands can post a question box on their Story, encouraging followers to ask questions. This could be about a specific topic, or just any question at all! Over time followers can anticipate and look forward to these days, knowing they are going to get to know their favorite creators/brands a little better. Bonus points if you attach a name to it, like “AMA” or “Weekend Chats.” This is another way to further push your branding and stand apart from the rest.”


“Creating a community is about fostering connections that go beyond the product or service. It’s about shared experiences, values, and a sense of belonging. One way to do this is through shared values and having a mission with meaningful engagement. Encourage your community by highlighting your brand’s shared values and compelling mission. A shared purpose resonates deeply with their audience, creating a community of like-minded individuals. Keep the conversation open with q+a’s, thoughtful responses, and CTA’s to get people discussing in the comments!”


“One way brands can build a community of raving fans on Instagram is by going Live! It’s like inviting your followers to hang out with you in real-time, creating a sense of immediate connection and authenticity. You get to show off what’s happening behind the scenes, chat with your audience, and hear their thoughts right then and there. Plus, it’s a fun way to make your followers feel like they’re part of something special, drive engagement, and build a tight-knit community around your brand.”

When you’re able to build a community that values you and your brand, you’re in for a world of success, growth, and higher revenue than ever. 

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