Your April 2024 Marketing Updates: LinkedIn’s Video Feed, Instagram’s Carousel Change, TikTok’s Shopping, and MORE!

In this episode, Emma shares April 2024 updates in the digital marketing space. LinkedIn surprises with a new dedicated video feed, Instagram experiments with broader carousel posts, and TikTok advances its e-commerce with auto-populated product catalogs in carousel videos. Finally, Instagram extends Reel lengths, catering to the trend of long-form content. Emma shares her enthusiasm for adapting to these changes for effective marketing strategies. Tune in to hear more!

Listen in as we speak about:

  • LinkedIn’s Leap into Video
  • Instagram’s Carousel Expansion
  • Tik Tok’s E-Commerce Evolution
  • Instagram’s Newest Feature

And much, much, more!

LinkedIn’s Leap into Video 

Emma kicks off with a surprising update from LinkedIn, as the platform unveils its new dedicated video feed. She highlights how this move signifies LinkedIn’s pivot towards embracing video content, akin to the popular trends seen on TikTok. For businesses and marketers, this signals a crucial shift in strategy, urging them to tap into the power of video for effective brand communication.

Emma emphasizes the significance of this update, particularly for businesses leveraging LinkedIn as a marketing platform. With the algorithm favoring video content, it’s clear that the time to integrate video into marketing efforts is now. This move by LinkedIn serves as a call to action for brands to rethink their approach and harness the engagement potential of video content.

Instagram’s Carousel Expansion

Emma then dives into Instagram’s latest experiment with broader carousel posts, allowing users to include up to 15 photos per post. Emma shares the potential for brands to tell richer stories and engage their audience in a more immersive way. This update presents an exciting opportunity for businesses to showcase products, events, or behind-the-scenes glimpses in a single, cohesive post.

Emma takes a  deeper dive into the impact of this feature on user engagement, highlighting how longer carousel posts can keep audiences immersed in content for longer durations. With the algorithm rewarding longer engagement times, this update aligns perfectly with Instagram’s goal of enhancing user experience and content discoverability.

TikTok’s E-Commerce Evolution

TikTok has made lots of  strides in the e-commerce realm, with the platform enabling brands to auto-populate product catalogs into carousel videos. Emma discusses the implications of this update for businesses looking to tap into TikTok’s vast user base for sales and brand promotion. This move positions TikTok as a formidable player in the e-commerce landscape, offering businesses new avenues for product discovery and promotion.

Emma emphasizes the potential for brands to leverage TikTok’s shoppable features to reach consumers in a more direct and engaging manner. By streamlining the shopping experience within the app, TikTok aims to capitalize on the platform’s role as a hub for product recommendations and consumer discovery.

Instagram’s Newest Feature

Wrapping up, Emma touches on Instagram’s new feature that allows users to remove bot followers in bulk. She sheds light on the importance of maintaining a clean and engaged follower base, as bot followers can impact account reach and engagement negatively. This feature empowers businesses to enhance their account health and improve overall engagement metrics.

Businesses and marketers need to stay informed and adapt to the evolving landscape of digital marketing. With these latest updates, there are ample opportunities for brands to elevate their strategies and connect with audiences in more impactful ways. 

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