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In this episode, Emma dives into Ninety Five Media’s favorite tools and strategies for scheduling social media content strategically across all platforms. She highlights the significance of scheduling for a successful marketing strategy and gives an in-depth look at why has become the go-to social planning tool for the Ninety Five Media agency since 2019. If you’re still manually posting or struggling to find the right scheduling platform, this episode is packed with insights and recommendations to streamline your process.

Listen in as we discuss:

• Why content scheduling is a key component to a successful marketing strategy

• Comparing different scheduling tools and why stands out

• The benefits of Later’s easy-to-use interface for clients and social media managers

• The decision-making process behind switching from Planoly to Later

And much, much, more!

Why Content Scheduling is Key

Emma highlights the importance of scheduling content as a fundamental aspect of a successful marketing strategy. She points out the time consuming process of manually posting content as opposed to the convenience of having it auto-posted through scheduling tools. Emma emphasizes that scheduled posts are essential for any brand’s social media strategy and that making the jump to using content schedulers is a vital first step in streamlining your marketing efforts.

Comparing Different Scheduling Tools and Why Stands Out

Throughout her experience, Emma notes that there are numerous content scheduling tools available, and the team at Ninety Five Media have tried many. However, ultimately stands out as their tool of choice. She commends Later for being intuitive, covering various platforms, and not having a steep learning curve. While acknowledging that there are other capable tools like Planoly, Emma articulates that Later fits their needs the best, provides strategic scheduling capabilities, and is easy for clients to use without extensive training.

The Benefits of Later’s Interface for Clients and Social Media Managers

Emma discusses the user-friendliness of Later’s interface, which benefits both the social media managers and clients. Since clients can easily navigate and review scheduled content, it allows for better collaboration and transparency between the agency and the clients. Later’s interface allows the clients to have a clear understanding of upcoming content, contributing to a smoother operational experience.

The Decision-making Process Behind Switching from Planoly to Later 

Emma shares that, while they were previously committed to Planoly and found it to be an excellent platform, they switched to Later in 2019 because Planoly was advancing their technology at the same rate. The decision to switch was a significant move for the company, driven by the need for a platform that could grow with their business. They found that Later was making big strides and thus felt confident to make the transition in order to better serve their clients and agency operations. Emma notes the importance of recognizing when one has outgrown a platform and when it is necessary to upgrade to a system that can scale with a business’s growth.

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