Your May 2024 Marketing Updates: Pinterest’s AI-Powered Search, LinkedIn’s New Premium Features, UMG’s TikTok Compromise + MORE!

In this episode, Emma dives into the latest and most impactful marketing updates for May. Covering significant shifts from major platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, Emma provides crucial insights that every entrepreneur, founder, and digital marketer should be aware of. Tune in to learn about recent changes in social media strategies, AI-driven personalization, and new features ideal for enhancing user and brand engagement.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • UMG’s strategic moves on TikTok and its implications for marketers
  • Instagram’s new notify sticker and its potential impact on follower engagement
  • Pinterest’s diversity focused AI-powered search filters aimed at improving personalization
  • LinkedIn’s latest trial features aimed at boosting company page visibility

And much, much, more!

UMG’s Strategic Moves on TikTok and Its Implications for Marketers

Emma discusses Universal Music Group’s decision to pull its tracks from TikTok earlier in the year, detailing how major artists like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande were impacted. This action led many businesses to lose access to popular music for their content. However, there’s a shift now as some artists are striking individual, one-off deals with TikTok to promote their new releases, using their music rights effectively. For many, this suggests a dynamic and potentially beneficial shift to leverage these popular tracks in your content strategies, adapting to evolving music rights landscapes on platforms like TikTok.

Instagram’s New Notify Sticker and Its Potential Impact on Follower Engagement

Emma highlights Instagram’s introduction of a new “notify” sticker, which allows users to receive notifications for specific content types like stories, reels, or posts from preferred creators. This feature addresses the challenge of creators not reaching all their followers due to the platform’s non-chronological feed algorithms. For marketers, the notify sticker offers a strategic tool to enhance visibility and engagement, urging you to encourage followers to activate notifications and potentially increasing the visibility of your content amid the saturated Instagram feed.

Pinterest’s Diversity Focused AI-powered Search Filters Aimed at Improving Personalization

Pinterest is rolling out AI-powered body type filters for more inclusive and personalized search results in women’s fashion and wedding inspirations. Emma expresses excitement about this development, emphasizing how it allows users to see more relevant content that reflects their body type, enhancing user experience and engagement. This move by Pinterest not only caters to diversity but also boosts visibility for brands that adopt inclusivity in their content. For marketers, this suggests an opportunity to tailor your marketing strategies to diverse audiences, potentially increasing engagement and customer loyalty.

LinkedIn’s Latest Trial Features Aimed at Boosting Company Page Visibility

LinkedIn is testing new features for a premium company page subscription that includes customizable CTAs, insights into page visitors, and AI-powered content assistance, among others. Emma critically evaluates these offerings, especially considering the cost against the potentially low engagement returns company pages usually exhibit. She points out the possibility that LinkedIn’s algorithm might favor paid company pages, which could necessitate a shift in strategy for businesses using LinkedIn for branding and engagement. For marketers, staying informed on these developments is crucial as it could affect how your content is seen and engaged with on the platform.

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