Social Media Marketing Updates: May 2024

A new month means new social media marketing updates! This month we are seeing new updates from Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok, and more; each offering a way for social media marketers to better connect with their audience! 

Let’s take a look!

Taylor Swift Tracks on TikTok

Back in January, Universal Music Group announced it would be pulling its tracks from TikTok after the two parties could not come to terms on a new licensing agreement. It seems that the standoff between the two companies will continue to occur in the long-term, but more recently, artists are sharing their music on the platform with shorter one-off deals just, as Taylor Swift has done in promotion of her newest album.

Instagram Adds a “Notify” Sticker

In an attempt to enhance user engagement and interaction on its platform, Instagram has introduced the “Notify” sticker feature. This new addition enables users to receive notifications when accounts they follow post new content or updates. By leveraging this feature, businesses and content creators can increase their reach and visibility by prompting followers to stay updated with their latest offerings. Once a viewer taps on the Notify sticker, they’ll then be able to choose which elements they get notifications about, which could be a good way to subvert common frustrations with the algorithm failing to feed your updates through to your audience.

Pinterest Expands Body Type Search

Recognizing the importance of inclusivity and diversity in the digital landscape, Pinterest has expanded its body type search feature to encompass a wider range of representation. The  “Body Type Ranges” will filter searches for women’s fashion and wedding ideas, which will make it easier for Pinners to find matches that more accurately represent their body type. This feature will increase both inclusion, as well as the accuracy of the results displayed to create an overall better experience while using the platform and give creators a more targeted audience to view their pins.

LinkedIn Tests Premium Company Pages

LinkedIn is experimenting with a new way for brands to stand out on the platform, with a range of dedicated features that will only be available for paying brands. These features include access to view who has visited your page, custom CTA buttons, AI powered writing assistance, custom testimonials from clients you’ve served, and a premium logo badge. These features could provide new avenues to allow businesses to stand out for hiring or generate new leads through this platform.

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