Client Success Story: Landscape Design Company

Before Ninety Five Media

As a small business owner, this client was overwhelmed with trying to sign clients while completing client work. She knew that social media was a gold mine of her ideal clients, but she didn’t have the time to dedicate to her marketing. 

When Ninety Five Media took over her account, there was no clear strategy for lead generation. She handled it all herself, all while meeting the other demands of owning a business. This led to posting inconsistently, and there was an extreme lack of launch planning. Additionally, there was little-to-no video content being posted, which was a huge opportunity for us to expand on. 

After Ninety Five Media

As soon as we were brought on, we were able to reduce her overwhelm and strategically create content that immediately started hitting home for potential clients. Within weeks our client started receiving rave reviews about her social media platforms – something she had never heard before. We integrated new campaigns, short form video, and storytelling into her content line up. This helped build a deeper connection with her audiences on each platform.

Now 2.5 years later, this client’s social media platforms are strategically bringing in new leads and nurturing current clients each week. This has in turn supported the brand in more sales. The biggest impact of our work has been the freedom it has allowed our client to scale. Without worrying about her marketing, our client has had more time to grow her business. She now has so much business that she has grown her company to a team of five! With the added employees, she is now continuously expanding her service offerings as well.

Her social media platforms now showcase her work beautifully, and strategically connect with her audience. We have taken her combined followers from 1,844 to 3,874, and have amassed over 246,000 video plays on Instagram alone! She has been contacted by high profile publications wanting to feature her work, including Forbes Home. Today, 30% of her leads are credited to have come directly from or been nurtured by her Digital Marketing efforts that we’ve led.

When you work with a digital marketing team, all the guesswork you’ve previously had is handled. If you’re ready to get some of your time back and hand off your social media marketing this year, CLICK HERE to book a call today!

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