Operate Like A Pro: How to Engage Your Team and Boost Productivity with Ariana Rodriguez

In this episode, Emma and Ariana Rodriguez, founder of AR + Company, dive deep into the importance of involving your team in planning and decision-making to enhance investment and passion in the outcome. They explore the manifold benefits of engaging teams in the company’s vision, leveraging technology, and simplifying processes—especially when onboarding new hires. Ariana shares her expertise on productivity and organization, particularly for founders diagnosed with ADHD, drawing from her decade-long experience in corporate operations. Tune in to learn about effectively scaling a business while maintaining a robust company culture and operational efficiency.

Listen in as we speak about:

  • Involving your team in decision-making for better outcomes
  • Engaging employees with the company’s vision and goals
  • Identifying operational inefficiencies and revising systems
  • The importance of process mapping and communication in scaling a business

And much, much more!

Involving Your Team in Decision-Making for Better Outcomes:

Emma and Ariana highlight the value of incorporating team members in the decision-making process, emphasizing that active participation leads to higher investment and greater passion for the project’s success. They note that bringing more minds into discussions fosters better outcomes, as diverse perspectives can offer unique solutions and ideas that a single person might overlook. Involving your team also encourages a sense of ownership and responsibility, which translates into higher accountability and motivation to achieve your desired results.

Engaging Employees with the Company’s Vision and Goals

Emma stresses that aligning employees with the company’s vision and goals is essential for enhancing overall productivity and efficiency. Ariana explains that when team members understand and connect with the wider organizational objectives, they are more motivated to contribute their best efforts. Emma adds that frequent communication about your company’s mission helps reinforce this connection, creating a cohesive and driven team that works harmoniously towards shared goals. They both agree that this alignment fosters a more supportive and collaborative work environment.

Identifying Operational Inefficiencies and Revising Systems

Identifying and addressing operational inefficiencies is crucial for maintaining a smooth-running business, according to both Ariana and Emma. They suggest that signs of frustration and reliance on workarounds are red flags indicating that current systems or tools may no longer be effective. Ariana emphasizes the importance of recognizing these inefficiencies early and being proactive in revising your systems to adapt to the evolving needs of the business and your team. She discusses the benefits of streamlining processes to ensure a more efficient, productive, and scalable operation.

The Importance of Process Mapping and Communication in Scaling a Business

In their discussion, Emma and Ariana underscore the critical role of process mapping and clear communication in the successful scaling of your business. Ariana explains how detailed process mapping can reveal gaps and inefficiencies, facilitating a smoother scaling process by creating replicable and efficient systems. She uses the concept of “copy and paste” scaling and franchise models to illustrate how well-documented processes can be effortlessly replicable. Meanwhile, Emma emphasizes that open and transparent communication, inclusive training, and ongoing feedback are indispensable for managing change and ensuring that employees remain engaged and informed throughout your journey of scaling your company.

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