Team Member Tips - our tips for generating leads on social media
Team Member Tips - our tips for generating leads on social media

Generating Leads on Social Media

If your business is not generating leads on social media, it may be time to reevaluate your strategy. We work with business in an extremely wide range of industries, and in each we’ve been able to bring our clients leads on a consistent basis; often starting through a direct message, and eventually leading to some sort of action off the platform. Because that is the goal, right? To get your potential clients off of Instagram and onto your website at the very least?! Social media can, and should, be used as an amazing resource to both passively and actively be generating leads. See our best tips for generating leads on social media below! 


“Lead generation through DMs has been a major component to my clients success! For creating leads, one strategy I like to use is polls and/or the question box on Instagram Stories. This allows me to get a feel for who is interested and engaged, and I can follow up with them after that. For these leads, as well as leads who reach out to my clients first, I like to ask a few questions that will help me better understand their needs. Once I know more about them, it’s a lot easier to craft a message that will make them want to learn more + eventually buy whatever it is we’re offering! Last, it’s best to keep a list of potential leads for efficient follow ups in the future! Just because someone isn’t ready now, doesn’t mean they won’t be in 6 months.”


“When working on lead generation for my clients, I make sure to take a holistic approach. I first nurture the lead by encouraging them to reach out by leaving a comment, sending a DM, or filling out a form on my client’s website. If they take any of those actions, I make sure to follow up with a personalized DM or email to let them know we are on it. I’m also able to answer any other questions they may have before they reach the next stage. My biggest goal is getting them OFF of social media and speaking directly with the client to ensure they book services or buy a product they are inquiring about!”


“Instagram Stories are my lead-gen superpower. I always use the link sticker with an engaging call-to-action that makes viewers want to “tap.” For DMs I always guide leads to a landing page or encourage them to learn more on the website (with a reminder to sign up!).”


“I like to start with personalized outreach by tailoring my initial message to the specific needs or interests of the potential client. I like to mention something relevant about their business or industry to show I’ve done my homework. Engage with their content by interacting with their posts and stories before sending a DM, building familiarity and increasing the chances of a positive response. Following up is the next step! I like to keep in touch with potential leads through periodic follow-ups, and share updates about our services or success stories that might interest them.”

If you’re not seeing the results you were hoping for managing your own social media and running your business, we’d love to support you. CLICK HERE to book a call and let’s chat about all the ways we can help you! 

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