Your July 2024 Marketing Updates: TikTok Launches ‘Whee’, YouTube Integrates QR Codes, and Pinterest’s AI Ad Tool

In this episode, Emma discusses the top marketing updates you need to know for July 2024, covering major changes across popular platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok. Staying updated with these shifts is crucial for tapping into new features and seeing better results. Emma breaks down each update and its impact, providing valuable insights for creators, brands, and marketers.

Listen in as we speak about:

  • Instagram’s new profile insights for creators to land more brand deals
  • YouTube’s QR codes for easier channel connections offline
  • Pinterest’s AI features for highly targeted advertising
  • TikTok’s new image-sharing app “Whee” and its potential impact on digital marketing

And much, much more!

Instagram’s New Profile Insights for Creators to Land More Brand Deals

In this episode, Emma discusses Instagram’s exciting new feature that adds profile insights to creators’ public profiles. This feature is designed to help creators establish more brand deals by providing three key statistics: follower growth, accounts reached, and accounts engaged. Emma highlights that this update underscores the importance of genuine engagement over mere follower count. Brands can now easily assess the value of influencers directly via Instagram, making the process more streamlined. She advises you to focus on boosting your reach and engagement to leverage this feature effectively.

YouTube’s QR Codes for Easier Channel Connections Offline

Emma shares her enthusiasm for YouTube’s latest experiment with QR codes to facilitate offline connections with target audiences. These unique QR codes, accessible under the ‘You’ tab in the YouTube app, make it simpler for viewers to find your channel without needing to search online. Emma notes that while QR codes are not a new technology, YouTube’s innovative application aims to streamline user connections and enhance platform functionality. This update is particularly useful for adding QR codes to business cards or websites to drive traffic more efficiently.

Pinterest’s AI Features for Highly Targeted Advertising

Emma is particularly excited about Pinterest’s new AI features that promises highly targeted advertising with minimal manual effort. Known as Performance+, these automated ad campaigns leverage Pinterest’s insider knowledge to optimize promoted Pins, reducing the need for in-depth manual research. Emma highlights that early testing shows significant improvements in cost per acquisition and click-through rates. Additionally, Pinterest’s AI can now generate personalized ad backgrounds based on user preferences, making your ad campaigns more relevant and visually appealing, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

TikTok’s New Image-Sharing App “Whee” and its Potential Impact on Digital Marketing

Emma introduces TikTok’s new image-sharing app called “Whee,” designed to tap into trends favoring more private and authentic social sharing. Unlike previous ventures like Lemon8 and Notes, “Whee” focuses on close friend interactions and shared real-life moments that are only visible to selected friends, a nod to the increasing demand for privacy. However, Emma expresses caution, noting the potential challenges for brands to engage with users on this platform. While intriguing, she advises monitoring its development to see how it may eventually integrate brand advertising and broader consumer reach.

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