How to Adjust Your Content Based on Instagram’s July 2021 Announcement

You might be freaking out about the new Instagram July 2021 announcement (missed it? Check it out here) but Instagram has been hinting at this for over a year – just check your analytics 💅🏼

🎥 Over the past year video content has continue to explode in popularity, and in turn, has likely been your most viral content you’ve created (thanks Tik Tok!)

🧐 But have you taken the time to deep dive into your analytics lately?

Because these numbers are literal gold.

📈 Here at Ninety Five Media, we provide our clients with a WEEKLY Analytics Report because these numbers are so important.

☑️ It allows us to look at what is / is not performing well and adjust based on FACTS – not based on what kind of content is FUN to create.

😍 In fact, these reports are our clients favorite parts about working with us! 

They provide our clients with a quick snapshot of the numbers that is clear, concise, and easy to read.

🌟 If you aren’t yet working with us, here’s how you can get started on your own:

① Create time in your schedule each week to review your analytics for each platform (30 mins/wk)

② Pop those numbers into an easy Google Sheets doc to track over time and see ups/downs

③ Adjust based on what you’re seeing so that you can continue to see an ROI on your content + time

Want more advice? Click HERE to learn more about how we can help YOU monetize this new change!

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