How To Optimize Your PR Exposure on Social Media

How to maximize your PR exposure on Social Media ↓

Whether you’ve been featured on podcasts, blogs, or magazine articles, getting this exposure is a big deal!⁠

But if you don’t have a marketing strategy in place to capitalize on this, you will likely not see an ROI on your time securing this feature⁠

All too often biz owners think that PR will do the work for them – and PR is amazing! – but you MUST have a social media marketing strategy to monetize this exposure.⁠

🔥 Here’s how to start:

Create a Google Drive folder to send to the company featuring you that holds your bio, approved pics, and links to share – this way you know exactly where to monitor traffic

Make sure that you have a built out online/social media presence before your exposure.

Tell your audience something is coming in relation to XYZ and how this will help them to build excitement

When your feature comes out, make sure to give the brand exposure. Share them via stories, talk about the feature + tag them again, share to your feed if appropriate to get in front of their audience more

Share + tag the brand over the next few weeks to be an active part of their community

Be sure to follow up and see if there are other ways you can collab down the road if this has been mutually beneficial

Have you followed these steps in the past? If not, save this post to follow the next time you get that big feature!⁠

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