Why Social Media Is The Future of Shopping

ICYMI: Social Media is the future of shopping

Trends are showing that consumers want to be able to easily find a product + purchase quickly while browsing social

The best way to do that?
Setting up your Facebook / Instagram shop!

This will allow you to make your posts directly stoppable and in the US, your audience can even checkout without ever leaving the Instagram app

This streamlines your buyer’s journey and can significantly increase your conversions

IG has an entire shopping tab in their app for a reason! This is the future of shopping – and we don’t want you to get left behind.

This isn’t just for product based businesses though – as a service provider you can sell digital downloads in your shop as well!

Consider getting creative and monetizing your audience with these new shopping features in any way you can.

Start with setting up your shop → then tag your products in your feed content → and heavily promo this new feature to your audience.

Not able to set up your IG Shop?
Use Later’s linkin.bio option to link individual posts back to website pages for easy access

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