Why You Need A Marketing Team in Order to Grow

No matter how big or small your brand is, you need a marketing team to help you continue to grow⁠

We work with clients that range in size from badass solopreneur to hundred-person corporations.⁠

And ☝🏼1 thing remains the same – ⁠
Digital marketing is the BEST way to reach your dream clients⁠

Most of our clients have already explored this on their own + know it’s not for them⁠

Which is exactly where we come in

Results + metrics are the most important numbers when you begin looking at your marketing + where you can improve⁠

⁠When one of our current clients came to us several months ago, they were struggling to strategically manage + optimize their large online presence.

As a fast growing company, it felt like their digital marketing had gotten away from them.

They had:

✖️ No streamlined systems for content management⁠
✖️ Disorganized campaigns that didn’t connect with their ICA⁠
✖️ Never set up a profitable influencer marketing program⁠

Over the course of the past few months, we’ve completely revamped and reenergized their digital marketing in new ways they are obsessed with⁠

They’re now seeing results like:⁠

🔥 7k new followers in just a few months⁠
🔥 400% increase in impressions on Pinterest⁠
🔥 Successful campaigns creating deeper connections + ROI ⁠
🔥 New younger demographic reach with a variety of content + platform expansions (hi, TikTok)⁠
🔥 Successful collabs that drive website traffic + build their email list⁠
🔥 New unique vid content that they previously never explored⁠

The incredible part is this is only the beginning for this client⁠.

👉🏼 It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it all on your own, or you have an entire marketing team in place. We meet you where you’re at + take it from there⁠.

Click HERE to explore working with us and see results like this in YOUR business!

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