Paid vs. Organic Marketing

The digital marketing space is changing – are you keeping up?

As video becomes more important than ever and ad costs go up, what’s the one thing that’s remained important?

★ Organic Digital Marketing ★

As a business owner, your organic marketing will always be the baseline for your brand no matter what trends come + go

The thing is, before you ever dip your toes into Paid Media, you have to VERIFY that your offer / services are needed

Organic marketing allows you to:
→ Confirm your offer is needed
→ Build an audience genuinely interested in your brand
→ Create clarity around who your target audience is 

This DATA will then be used to optimize your paid media down the road

PS – if your brand is looking for investors, they will want to know that you can build your biz organically, not just with paid traffic

✶ Just another reason to invest in your organic marketing first

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