How To Make Your Marketing Strategy More Efficient

If your marketing strategy is taking more than 6 hrs/wk, you need to start following this schedule⁠.

You have an entire business to run – your marketing strategy shouldn’t be taking over your calendar⁠

⁠The truth is that you don’t need to spend a ton of time on Social Media to see massive results.⁠

It IS possible to spend less time to see greater results.⁠

Here’s how you can spend just 6 hrs/wk and see 💰 results – ⁠

⁠⏰ 1 hr/wk: outline your content (brain dump ideas)⁠

2 hrs/wk: write captions, source imagery/graphics, schedule content⁠

30 mins/day: engage with your target audience (outbound engagement)⁠

Follow this schedule and you are sure to spend less time, while seeing a greater ROI⁠

✓ This is our tried + true method that we also use in-house⁠

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