How To Intentionally Grow Your Account

No one’s social media accounts are growing by chance anymore – this is what you need to know 👇🏼⁠

The days when someone’s account could magically grow from 0-10k in a matter of weeks are in the past⁠

As the algorithm has gotten smarter, you’ve needed to get more intentional with your marketing in order to stand out and reach your target market⁠

But if you have just a few hours per week to do so, where can you begin?⁠


Engagement is the #1 way to grow your visibility – AKA get in front of more people who need what you have to offer⁠

There are ✌🏼 2 types of engagement:⁠

✖️ Replying to comments on your posts⁠
✖️ Posting to stories⁠
✖️ Replying to DMs, warming leads, making sales⁠

✖️ Showing up in hashtags⁠
✖️ Leaving meaningful comments on others’ posts⁠
✖️ Watching + replying to stories⁠
✖️ Nurturing current followers + reconnecting⁠

Inside of our Social Media Management packages, we include 3-7 hours of engagement for you each week so that your accounts can continue to grow while you lead your business⁠

Ready to outsource your Social Media Marketing?⁠

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