How To Get More Payment Notifications

Have you ever seen those reels of business owners scrolling through payment after payment on their phones and wonder what you’re doing wrong?? Same here – but it’s not all that difficult once you have the method down!

Here’s how to get more payment notifications ↓⁠


These are:⁠
✖️ Profile visits⁠
✖️ Website taps⁠
✖️ DM sales conversations⁠

The issue is so many clients come to us worried about their follower count or the number of likes on their posts⁠

It’s what they’re “told” matters…⁠

🙅🏻‍♀️ But we say, forget about ALL of that.⁠

These vanity metrics will not matter for you in the long run. 

🔥 What we care about is how you are converting your audience into paying clients and growing your brand⁠

Our approach to your Social Media Marketing is grounded. We are honest + transparent. ⁠

As one of our clients just wrote to us – ⁠

“Ninety Five Media truly works with your best interest at heart. Their knowledge of the industry has allowed me to focus on other aspects of the business + be strategic with next steps”⁠

^ This is everything⁠

While growing your influence online is great, if you’re not working with someone who can see the big picture with you + is working towards the same vision, your social media notifications may be blowing up but your payment notifications? They’re likely going to stay silent AF⁠.

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