Here’s What You Need To Do To Ramp Up Your Digital Marketing Effort Today

The question that we get the most from potential clients is “Which social media platforms do I REALLY need to be on?” 🤔⁠

⁠No matter what your niche or the size of your brand is, here are the crucial steps you need to take as a business owner in your Digital Marketing efforts today, to be successful 👇⁠

Set up Facebook Shopping first if you’re a product based brand (most online shopping depends on initially having this piece in place). From there, set up Instagram Shopping. Buyers are now more likely to purchase products from the social media platforms they’re already browsing⁠

Does your brand serve a younger audience than 40 years old? You need to be making video content + be present on TikTok. Long form video content should be published on YouTube to reach even more potential buyers.⁠

🔎 SEO⁠
If SEO is important to you, you need to be on Pinterest to drive traffic to your website. Remember that Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media platform, so having pins that lead straight to your sales page is crucial.⁠

If your brand depends on deals with other businesses, it needs to be on Linkedin. We recommend this platform for every type of business! This space is great to nurture your personal network as well – this is where a ton of warm leads will be waiting for you.⁠

Need to hone in on which social media platforms should be in your Content Strategy? Explore how we can help here!