Why We Don’t Offer Paid Media Services

I will never tell you to “boost” a post 🙅🏻‍♀️⁠

As you scale your brand, it’s common to begin looking at paid media.

You’ve already gone through the beginning stages of building your brands social media with organic marketing. ⁠

The organic approach allowed you to:⁠

→ Confirm your offer is needed⁠
→ Build an audience genuinely interested in your brand⁠
→ Create clarity around who your target audience is ⁠

Now that you have a firm grip in your Organic Marketing, you can then make intentional moves with your Paid Marketing.⁠

But you don’t NEED to. ⁠

At Ninety Five Media, we don’t offer paid media services at all. We’ve done this intentionally because we believe in the power of your Organic Marketing, even as you scale your goals and your business.⁠

There’s this misconception that you HAVE to do paid media as you grow in order to CONTINUE growing⁠

And this simply isn’t true.⁠

Instead, you can begin exploring these Organic methods:⁠

✅ Increasing your # of posts per week (no more than 1/day)⁠
✅ Boost your outbound engagement to connect with more new potential followers⁠
✅ Explore new platforms to expand upon + repurpose existing content (hi, TikTok)⁠

If you feel like you’ve plateaued with your Organic Marketing, there’s always new strategies to implement⁠

Head here for more info on how we can help you boost your Organic Marketing without throwing more money at your content w paid ads

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