Why You Should Be Using Linkedin To Grow Your Business

Want to get in on a BIG secret? 👀⁠

Only 1% of LinkedIn’s 260 Million users are actually creating content on this platform⁠


⁠This means the amount of WHITE SPACE here for you and your brand to stand out is insurmountable⁠

If you’re not utilizing LinkedIn as part of your Digital Marketing strategy, you’re missing out ⁠

Here’s the reality – most LinkedIn users created an account during college, connected with their professors and a few friends in the industry, and then never check in again⁠

🙋‍♀️ Is that you?⁠

The thing is that LinkedIn is just as much of a valuable social media platform as Facebook and Instagram, so you need to use it like one when expanding your brand’s reach 📈⁠

Since LinkedIn was created with business networking in mind, you’ll be speaking to an audience already in a biz mindset⁠

👋 Hello, easier sale ⁠

⁠Beyond that, you’ve ALREADY built trust with your connections that you have on here. Unlike on Instagram + Facebook where you may feel like you have “prove” yourself, LinkedIn is a network of people who already know you⁠

This means that all you need to do is start showing up + creating. ⁠

This platform is gaining momentum FAST – which is why we’ve gotten ALL of our clients on there to begin optimizing this reach before it goes away⁠

Don’t miss the bandwagon like you feel you did with Instagram or TikTok. Start creating content on here TODAY. It’s never too late to start⁠

And if you’re looking for help to get started, head here to learn how to work with us.

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