How Our Video Content Started vs. How It’s Going

📹 When did you start recording video content for your marketing?⁠

The first vids I ever recorded were batched out in my NYC apartment in 2018⁠

Trust me when I say – it was awkward AF, but I knew that this content was needed⁠

🤓 I had a janky lighting set up and created a studio in the corner of my apartment to record weeks of video content at a time⁠

I would switch shirts and hair styles between every take to make it seem like they were recorded on different days⁠

At the time, you could only post <60 sec clips to your feed, and I would spend hrs editing down long winded thoughts to 59 seconds⁠

Was this content “good”? No⁠
Did it help build my account? Yes⁠
Did it deepen trust with my audience? Yes⁠
Did it prepare me for all of the video we shoot today? YES⁠

Although I cringe watching this footage back (it’s still on our feed if you scroll back + want to see baby Emma😅), this video content was foreshadowing the future of digital marketing that we are living in today⁠

✋🏼 Avoiding creating video content isn’t cute anymore – it’s what’s holding your brand back from scaling.⁠

It’s going to be hard at first. Any change is difficult when you begin⁠

But if you stop at the first Reels that gets 50 plays, you’re never going to get to a point where your content is getting 5k, 10k, even 100k views 🔥⁠

Today, we work with our clients to provide prompts and guides for their video content. We optimize what they record and repurpose to ensure maximum visibility⁠

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