What Your Social Media Manager Will (And Won’t) Do

⁠As the world of digital marketing shifts, so does the role of your Social Media Manager – let me explain ↓⁠

When I first started as a Social Media Manager in 2015, I was able to fully take over my clients’ accounts without anyone being the wiser⁠

→ IG Stories didn’t exist⁠
→ Video content wasn’t relevant⁠
→ Very few businesses even used these platforms⁠

^As you know, none of this is true anymore.⁠

And with that, our role on our clients’ teams has also shifted⁠

When you hire a Social Media Manager, you may do it so that you can completely forget about your digital marketing and focus on other things⁠.

🙅‍♀️ But that’s simply not the case anymore⁠.

Why? Because:

→ Your audience is smarter⁠
→ They expect more⁠
→ And they want to see YOU⁠

⭐️ When you hire a Social Media Manager, really what you’re doing is bringing someone onto your team who understands trends, can build a profitable strategy for you, and who can guide you to see greater results⁠

📲 But it still requires your involvement. Without it, you simply won’t get the best results possible.⁠

THIS is a concept I wish more people understood⁠

🤝 At Ninety Five Media, we take as much off of our clients plates as possible. And for the things that we cannot do FOR them, we provide detailed task list for them to complete so that it is EASY + FUN⁠

As the world of digital marketing changes, are you keeping up?⁠

Head here for more info about working with us!

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