How To Know If You *Shouldn’t* Work With Us

👀 Maybe you shouldn’t apply to work with us… ⁠

Hear me out on this ✨⁠

⁠We work with scaling brands to monetize their online presence using the Ninety Five Media Method. Our clients are all ambitious leaders, passionate about helping their clients, and ready to go all in on their marketing. ⁠

⁠We’re very clear on who we want to work with at our Agency and don’t sign everyone who comes to us. Here are some of the 🚩 red flags we see:⁠

✖️ You’re not ready to invest⁠
Our prices reflect the results we deliver. There will always be a less expensive option but with 6 years of experience under our belt, our strategies are unique, personalized, and deliver transformative numbers.⁠

✖️ You’re scared to switch things up⁠
You want new results – you’re going to need to take some risks. If you’re simply looking to hand off your current strategy to someone new, we’re not the right fit. With every new client, we curate a custom plan of action based on your current analytics + future goals.⁠

✖️ You’re trying to see results FAST + aren’t in it for the long run⁠
Our contracts are 6-12 months because we are in it for the long game with you. Organic Marketing takes time to build momentum and we are focused on your Conversion Metrics above all else. Meaning we don’t care how your follower count is growing – we care about your ROI⁠

So if you identify with any of these things, we’re not a good fit 🖤⁠

But if you’re ready to embark on an exciting journey in business and actually see a return on your investment, then you’re in luck 😉⁠

Apply here to work us!

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