Client Results: Before & After
Client Results: Before & After

Instagram Feed Facelift: Before & After

In today’s fast-paced digital world, having a presence on social media is a must for your business. There are several platforms that may be relevant to your industry specifically, but generally the platform you want to surely invest in is Instagram! As of 2023 there are 2.35 billion users on Instagram. Billion, with a “B” 😳 With that being said, it’s safe to assume that your target audience is not only active on Instagram, but likely to follow the brands they love! On a platform that prioritizes both image and video content, it’s crucial that on first glance, your brand looks clean and professional (this will immediately convey legitimacy and trust with your customer/potential customer!).

Today we’re excited to share a transformation of one our current client’s Instagram feed, created + curated by our Account Manager, Hayden! 


When we first started working with this client, this brand had not been active on Instagram for a few years. The content they did have was pretty dated, and included very little images of their actual product, which they were aiming to sell online. Additionally, there was no clear branding on the page, and they suffered from a lack of strategic content buckets to guide their posts. With no real strategy for what was being posted when, the page was looking a little messy and it was unclear who the brand was or what they were selling. 

Enter, Ninety Five Media


You can already see a completely different aesthetic upon first glance! 

The first thing we did was ensure there were different types of content being posted that would best work with the algorithm: a mix of static images, carousels, and Reels. Not only are we now working together with the algorithm to have a good spot on the home page, but this mix of content adds interest to those who are visiting our Client’s profile for the first time. 

We also worked on creating clear content buckets; such as UGC (User Generated Content), “behind the scenes,” product info, and brand features. These were strategically chosen to best represent our Client’s brand in a way that combines products & people – a strategy that we have seen work time and time again.  

Consistent visuals, cohesive colors, and high quality images now make this page a visual treat for those who follow! This change in feed strategy & content also impacted the brand OFF of social as well. They are now seeing increased foot traffic at their brick & mortar location, more engagement online, and an uptick in online sales from social media. Now that’s what we call a WIN!

This transformation from lackluster to visually stunning is a result of the creativity and expertise that each team member at Ninety Five Media brings to our Clients. We heavily strategize, test, plan, and research to ensure the content we create is optimal and unique for each Brand we work with!
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