Reel Talk: Tips for Crafting Scroll-Stopping Video Content

If you have any presence on Instagram, you know (or have been told!) that Reels play such a huge role on the platform. Not only are they a magnet for engagement, but they can be funny, informative, and leave a lasting impression on your audience. If you really go above and beyond and include front-facing content, (read: videos that feature you/you talking to your audience), there is no doubt you have reaped the reward. We’re talking more comments, profile activity, and even more link taps, just because people feel like they know you more!

Today our team is giving you their top tips for planning and creating Reels that will wow your audience, and give you the upperhand in your industry. 

Let’s get started! 


“When planning video content, make sure you have a good mix of ideas so that your viewers are always intrigued.

Cycle through trending sound videos, product features, website walkthroughs, UGC, and more to give a 360 view of the brand.”

Paris is spot on with this tip! You want to use as many avenues as you can when creating videos so that they don’t become stale. You don’t want your audience to keep scrolling thinking, “I already know what that will be.” 


“My tip is to analyze what has performed well historically and find new ways to recreate that video concept!

Look at the subject of the video, length, transitions, sounds used, and caption. These all influence whether a viewer will want to keep watching (or not!).”

Something a lot of business owners get caught up in is trying to recreate the wheel. I get it! We all want to create the next best thing. But, sometimes it’s okay to look at what is already working for you and move forward with that momentum. If it worked once, chances are it will work for you again! 


“When creating a video, think about the experience behind your product

Instead of simply featuring the product itself, show viewers why and how your product is so amazing and what experience they can have with that product in their life.”

This tip cannot be overstated! Don’t get lost in the minutiae of the product. As we’ve mentioned, when you’re a small business owner, you’re more likely to convert a follower because they know you and trust you before you convert based on product descriptions alone. Don’t be shy to give a glimpse into your world! 

Incorporating these tips into your Instagram Reels strategy is a sure way to elevate your presence on the platform. Remember that authenticity and creativity are your greatest assets! 
Need a knowledgeable team to boost the quality of your content? You’re in the right place! Get started with us today!

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