5 Ways to Market Your Podcast
5 Ways to Market Your Podcast

Beyond the Mic: How to Best Market Your Podcast

So, you’ve started a podcast and are feeling pretty confident with how it’s going. The next step is beginning to market your show on social media! While this might seem like quite a bit of work, (and it is!) it’s so important to be sharing your podcast in several different mediums to ensure you’re being discovered, and your podcast following can continue to grow. The good news is that in a lot of ways your podcast episode content can do most of the work for you – you just have to know how. Let’s take a look! 

Instagram Reels

If you’re not already video recording your podcast, this is your sign to start! Once you do, you can create short, attention-grabbing clips from your episodes to turn into Reels, highlighting key moments, interesting quotes, etc. Use trending audio to maximize reach, and don’t forget to include a call-to-action prompting viewers to check out the full episode. 


Like Instagram Reels, posting short clips (we’re talking around a minute) is a great way to give users a look at what your podcast is about, show your personality, and is also a great place to share your best stories! When you post on TikTok the users seeing your video likely aren’t already followers, allowing you to be in front of a new audience every time you post. 

Instagram Stories

The very first thing you should do after you post your podcast clip in a Reel is share that Reel to Stories! To take it one step further, try filming a few Instagram Stories yourself, speaking directly to camera, and talk about the episode. Another option is to create templates that include interesting quotes from the episode that will grab your audience’s attention. Don’t forget to link to the episode on one slide too! 


If you don’t already have Pinterest for your business, it’s time you did (READ HERE why we love this platform!). We recommend posting 3-10 Pins per podcast episode, and linking to each episode on the top platform you’re published on. (IE: If you have more monthly listeners on Apple Podcasts than Spotify, link to the episode on Apple Podcasts.) When creating Pins, get creative with your templates while still being on brand, and have a strong title that leaves viewers wanting to click the Pin. You’ll also want to optimize your pins with keywords related to your podcast genre to increase discoverability.

Future Content

This is how you get your podcast to create content for you. When you have an entire catalog worth of podcast episodes, the opportunity to create Instagram carousels or Facebook posts are endless! Begin by pulling a couple of tips you touched on in an episode, and break them down even further, providing even more value for your followers. Again, be sure to have a CTA that links to your podcast or that specific episode! 

Marketing your podcast requires more than simply sharing a link here and there and hoping your audience clicks. It takes strategically leveraging different platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok to expand your podcast’s reach and build a community that happily awaits your next episode. 

If this sounds like too much for you to do on your own, BOOK A CALL with us to learn about how we can do it for you! 

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