Team Member Tips: Our Current Social Media Strategies that WORK

When it comes to social media marketing, there are always new ideologies, new updates, and new strategies that are “tried and true” or that “come straight from Meta,” as I’m sure you’ve seen.  As the owner of your business, it’s hard to keep up! Luckily, today we are sharing a few strategies we’ve recently implemented for our clients that have yielded, and continue to yield, positive results. Keep reading to see some of our current social media strategies that work!


I utilized the LinkedIn invitation strategy on a client’s page to exponentially increase their content reach! By inviting connections to follow their business page, this increased reach which brought in new page views, higher interactions, link clicks, and other engagements. This ultimately increases their pool of potential clients. It also brings in new leads, which is their overall goal for social media marketing!


We recently implemented boosted posts for a client, and the strategic use of these boosted posts transformed our results. This approach not only expanded our reach, but also significantly increased engagement and website traffic. By consistently delivering high-quality content and leveraging targeted advertising, we effectively raised awareness and support for this client’s initiative. For organizations looking to enhance their social media presence and drive engagement, investing in boosted posts can be a highly effective strategy.


One strategy I recently implemented for a client that is still paying off is being intentional about which trending sounds I’m using on Instagram Reels! When attaching a trending sound to my Reel that has less than 10k reels, these videos performed significantly better than when I used the #1 trending sound that had 50k+ reels. By using this strategy every week, I took our reach from just over 2k in January to over 12k in April. Give it a try! 


Recently, I’ve applied hidden SEO keywords on Instagram Reels, significantly enhancing my content’s visibility and reach! By incorporating relevant keywords into your captions, hashtags, and even in the text overlay or spoken words within the reel, you increase the chances of users discovering your content when they search for those specific terms. This strategic use of keywords helps the Instagram algorithm categorize your content appropriately, ensuring it appears in the explore pages, search results, and feeds of potential followers who are interested in similar topics. Ultimately, this can lead to higher engagement rates, more followers, and greater overall success on the platform!

If testing new strategies is not something you have time for as a business owner, we’d love to support + help you reach your goals. CLICK HERE to learn more and get started with us today! 

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