Social Media Marketing Updates: June 2024

June 2024 Social media marketing updates are back, and there are some very exciting updates in store! From Instagram insights to more efficiency on TikTok, each update allows you, as a business owner, an opportunity for increased growth and connection online. 

Let’s take a look! 

TikTok Management Platform

If you’re creating any type of content on TikTok, this is exciting news for you! TikTok has launched a new dashboard where creators can manage all aspects of their presence, from video editing, to performance analytics, and more. 

With this new dashboard also being accessible from a desktop, this coincides with the rise in creators using the platform as a main source for promoting their personal brand and increasing revenue streams. It should be noted that each of these features have been available, but only now are they easily accessible in one place! 

Instagram Share Rates

Although shares on Instagram are not always considered a main form of engagement on the platform, heads at Instagram are making a case for users to start taking them more seriously. 

As the Head of Instagram stated, shares are now considered a direct correlation to an increase in reach for an account. He shared that the platform is prioritizing content that users will “want to connect with their friends over.” This means all users should start considering new ways for their followers to engage in sharing their content more consistently. (See our tips for creating a strong + engaged community HERE!)

YouTube AI Soundtracks

As any creator on a video platform knows all too well, it can be difficult to choose an audio that won’t eventually become muted or taken down completely due to a copyright violation. 

After years of this constant battle, YouTube has finally taken action and has now released a whole archive of new sounds! These sounds are generated from AI and are free to use in videos without the worry about any violations. With this new shift, it will be interesting to see if AI generated music becomes the “trending sounds” of the future. What do you think? 

Pinterest Drives More User Attention

We are huge advocates for all that Pinterest can do for your brand, so we love to see + implement any updates we can! Pinterest has released a new report that shows they are the top platform for maximizing user attention by capitalizing on both passive and active attention. 

These encompass both attention-grabbing highlights, and smaller, less conspicuous branding efforts with both playing a role to expand brand awareness. Now more than ever, it may be time for your business to consider getting on Pinterest to capture new audiences and potential new customers! 

If you’re struggling to find the time to keep up with all the social media marketing updates as the owner of your business, we’d love to help. CLICK HERE to book a call, and let’s chat about how we can support you! 

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