Social Media Marketing Updates December 2023
Social Media Marketing Updates December 2023

Social Media Marketing Updates: December 2023

December 2023 brings a wave of exciting updates that continue to reshape the way we approach social media marketing. Every month, we bring these new updates to your attention in hopes that one (or all!) will positively impact the way you reach your audience. You can also bet that each platform’s algorithm will be rewarding those accounts who use these features, so that’s even more reason to jump on them! Let’s take a look. 

TikTok’s “Effect House”

TikTok remains at the forefront of creativity with its latest feature, the “Effect House.” This innovative tool allows marketers to go beyond conventional filters and effects, and enables users to build their own digital experiences in the app. Now businesses can collaborate with creators to craft unique effects that resonate with their audience! More augmented reality (AR) tools are becoming readily available and will provide opportunities for new types of content to be created on this platform.

LinkedIn Ad Performance

LinkedIn has been really working to better their user experience as well, with the addition of profile verification last month. This month, they’ve announced new updates to the platform’s ad performance metrics, allowing you to delve deeper into the impact of your campaigns. This includes new conversions API, improved website link tracking, and quality + relevance of engagement. These updates make it easier to understand the performance of your ad spend, keeping up with other ad-friendly platforms such as Meta.

TikTok’s “Creative Cards”

TikTok has launched a new series of “Creative Cards” which are simple, data-backed prompts that help users identify new content ideas. From interactive polls to engaging quizzes, you can now captivate your audience in new ways! This feature provides a new way for creators to brainstorm more resonant content that is specifically based on community growth.

Download Reels Clips

Instagram has announced that all users can now download publicly posted Reels in the app. This update opens up new avenues for content sharing and collaboration, and makes content creation for marketers more efficient! Creators do have the option to turn the feature off for their posts if they prefer. However, this feature makes it easier than ever to re-share UGC content on your platforms. 

We are looking forward to using number three the most! Which of these makes the most sense to start utilizing for your brand? Leave a reply and let us know! 

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