2024 Social Media Trend Predictions

Last year held no shortage of social media trends, and we know this year will be no different. Sure, it can feel overwhelming with new updates, platform changes, and algorithm shifts happening all. the. time. (In fact, we even write about new updates monthly!) To continue to grow means reacting to each of these updates, and integrating those that you feel are best fits your business and your goals. AND, if you can get ahead of them, that will put you in an even better position! 

Here are our 2024 social media trend predictions:

In-Platform Shopping Growth

One of the most significant trends still gaining momentum is the continued growth of in-platform shopping. Social media platforms are no longer just spaces for connecting and sharing (that ship has sailed!). Instead, they have become thriving marketplaces. From Instagram’s shoppable posts to TikTok Shop, users can seamlessly discover, explore, and purchase products without leaving the app. As a result, product-based businesses need to integrate an e-commerce strategy directly into their social media presence, creating an easy-to-use shopping experience for their followers. 

Authentic Content

Consumers are looking for authentic creators and brands more than ever, as they are tired of being oversold. The highest revenue driving posts this year will feature creative product placement and brand focus in unique ways that help the audience feel a personal connection. What does this mean for brands? Steering away from overly polished and staged visuals will be key. Instead opt for raw, unfiltered moments that resonate with your audience. If influencer marketing is something you’ve been exploring, 2024 is your year! 

The New Search Engine

Have you ever gone to TikTok to answer a burning question instead of Google? This type of behavior will be extremely prominent this year. It’s important for creators and brands to have a solid presence on social media that focuses on their niche; positioning them as the expert in their field for consumers. Users are typically no longer willing to sift through pages of search results on Google, they want the first video they see to answer their question. Will your account be there

Innovate or Get Left Behind

This is the mantra you should be calling back to frequently this year! Trends are more prevalent and changing faster than ever before. Platforms are continuously evolving, introducing new features and functionalities. To take advantage of the revenue and traffic these trends can (and will!) provide, brands will need to have plans, team members, and additional resources in place to allow them to shift on a dime and stay ahead of their competition. 

Gen-Z Wielding the Power

Gen Z has proven that no matter what type of brand you are, they can make you popular (See: Drunk Elephant + the Sephora craze). Capitalizing on the most active generation on social media means your brand will get more exposure, more traffic, and more revenue driven with your marketing efforts, while also building a loyal community for many years to come! This generation also brings a fresh perspective, pushing for authenticity, inclusivity, and social responsibility. Brands that align with these values and actively engage with Gen Z on their terms will thrive in 2024!

Social media in 2024 promises exciting opportunities IF you’re willing to adapt and embrace change when it comes. 

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